Who should attend 321 Growth Academy?

By August 14, 2018Marketing, Sales

Are you still working IN your business, not ON your business?

In this video, I discuss the two questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you commit to one of 321’s sales or marketing programs.

First, are you in a position in your company from which you can make decisions and implement change? This is less of a question about your job title, and more about your ability to inspire – and enact change in your company.

Secondly, are you ready, willing and able? (Well, of course of you able – it’s more of a question of timing.) In other words, are you able to commit the time and energy to working ON your business, instead of IN your business? And if not (maybe you’re in the midst of fundraising, launching a new product, or implementing a big customer project), that’s totally ok. Now isn’t your moment. Yet.

Watch our video to learn more:

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