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So this happens sometimes: we get to know you through one of 321’s programs or the 321 community. We build trust, share ideas and help you make an impact (that’s why we’re here!). And when you look forward at where you’re going, you need more.

Maybe it’s making more from your marketing, sales, people or product functions, maybe it’s a specific challenge that ranges from a new product to gearing up for a new investor, maybe it’s levelling up one of your leaders with coaching from people who’ve lived the dream. When it comes to advising on sales, marketing, product and people areas and coaching you or your team, we’re here for you. 321 delivers advisory services that focus on growth, getting things done and developing your team.

321 Advisory Services

321 Booster

321 Booster is for alumni who want to dive deeper into growth challenge and get guidance on options and approaches to address it.

What You’ll Get:
  • One four-hour session with a 321 Partner
  • A guided approach to assessing and framing the challenges, identifying options and a ‘lean management’ framework
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321 Five Fridays

321 Five Fridays for Founders is for startup founders, executives and senior team leaders who want one on one coaching sessions and advisory in one (or all) of the 321 growth areas: sales, marketing, people or products. Based on your needs, this can be tweaked toward advising on high priority challenges and opportunities or focused more on coaching.

What You’ll Get:
  • Five, 1/2 day sessions with a 321 Partner
  • Coaching and advisory services focused on your priorities
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321 Custom Cohorts

321 Custom Cohorts are all about taking 321 courses in sales, marketing, product and people and ‘personalizing’ them for your organization. We tweak the content and delivery to bring you a private, experiential learning course that works best for you. Great for startups, scaleups, growth companies and social enterprises.

What You’ll Get:
  • Custom cohort of an existing 321 course or class that is tweaked and delivered only for your organization
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321 Custom Advisory

Want to engage us but don’t see exactly what your company needs? If you have a specific project, challenge or need ongoing executive level advisory from a seasoned growth expert at 321. Great for startups, scaleups, growth companies and social enterprises.

What You’ll Get:
  • Scheduled time with 321 Partners (“choose your own adventure” approach that enables you to tap into the expertise and time you need so we can help you make an impact)
  • A guided approach to assessing and framing the challenge, identifying options and a ‘lean management’ framework
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Who’s it for?

321 Sales Academy was built for founders or senior members of a startup team. You work in a B2B startup that is for-profit or a social enterprise. You have already developed an MVP, are on your way (or have achieved) product/market fit, likely have a few customers (or are close to landing some), and may have early revenue.

Most importantly, you’re fiercely committed to investing the time and effort to get results and are willing to explore and apply fresh approaches.

What clients have to say…

Applying what I learned during Lean Sales, I’ve sold more of one of our products in the last quarter than in the prior 2 years, and have teed up a solid sales pipeline to hit my sales target for the year.

Mark ScantleburyCEO, Extreme Telematics

Key for me were all the real life examples and company-specific feedback from someone who’s been in the trenches of multiple startups. 321 was so valuable for us, we are continuing with some advisory help to keep up our momentum.

Adam MartinsonFounder & CEO, HubH20

Sales is a foundational skill for founders. They must develop solid sales skills not just to generate revenue, but also to get the funding and talent they need to succeed. 321 is helping to fill this gap.

David EdmondsA100 member, A100 Industry Chair for the Accelerate Fund, and angel investor

Nobody cares about your product until you can sell it. I’ve seen first hand how 321 is helping startup founders to do just that.

Alice ReimerAssociate Director CDL-Rockies, Director at Calgary Economic Development, A100 member, Serial entrepreneur

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