Lean Sales is our hands-on, deep-dive course for B2B founders (and their team members). In eight sessions (see below for dates/times), you’ll learn everything you need to know – from prospecting through closing – all while applying what you learn in your business in real-time. If now is the time for your company to dive deeper into sales, build a winning process, get the team aligned to execute, and drive to results, then Lean Sales is the program for you.

When does the next Lean Sales cohort kick off?

Our next Lean Sales cohort in Edmonton runs in the fall of 2019. Here is the schedule for the course:

  • Getting Ready for Lean Sales webinar: ~ 2 hour webinar, Tues Mar 10, 7:30 – 9:30am. Goal is to review readiness for sales, explore sufficient market validation in advance of scaling sales efforts. 
  • Lean Sales Kickoff: 1.5 hour webinar, Fri Apr 3, 3:00 – 4:30 pm. Overview of the Lean Sales program, how to get maximum value, meet your cohort (virtually).
  • Lean Sales Session 1: on site .
    • Mon Apr 6 (9 am to 5 pm) 
    • Tues Apr 7 (9 am to 5 pm)
  • Lean Sales Session 2: on site.
    • Mon Apr 27 (9 am to 5 pm)
    • Tues Apr 28 (9 am to 1 pm) ride-a-longs which are one-hour 1:1 meetings with each company (which will be pre-booked – and for CoLabs companies these can be virtual or scheduled at another time 
  • Lean Sales Session 3: on site.
    • Mon May 11 (1 pm to 3:30 pm) optional office hours for those that have some additional questions, need help or coaching 
    • Tues May 12 (9 am to 5:30 pm) including final session followed by a later afternoon “demo day” including community partners 

What do we cover in Lean Sales?

In short, we cover everything B2B sales.

  • We start by ensuring you have a solid foundation, with a review of your business model, defining your ideal customer, understanding your value proposition, assessing your pricing.
  • Then, we dive into building an effective sales process for you. We work on understanding your buyer journey, then mapping a sales process to support it.
  • We dig deep into prospecting – best practices, common mistakes and fails, as well as the role of scripts, how to do sales discovery, managing objections, and tools to move your deals along your pipeline.
  • We also work on delivering great sales presentations, product demos, and the kinds of sales tools that will make a difference.
  • We work on your pipeline: how to qualify deals, manage your pipeline, metrics to use to assess performance and progress, and where specifically a CRM can help you.
  • Next, is the close! We help you understand how to negotiate, manage contracting and close your deals.
  • And let’s not forget: the team. What kinds of people to hire, what combination of roles work, compensation guidelines, managing and coaching for better performance, and more.
  • During the course, you’ll get a small group “ride-a-long” session with your course leader, to help you tackle any thorny sales challenges, or get feedback and coaching, in a smaller group setting.

Who from your company should attend? 

Lean Sales is primarily for “do-ers”. And by do-ers, we mean:

  • Business and technical founders, and senior members of your team that have responsibility for sales. Perhaps you’re feeling a little uncomfortable (or frankly, completely out of your comfort zone) in a sales role. Lean Sales will help you to learn how to sell (everyone CAN sell!), so that you can coach and support your current sales team, or arm yourself to better recruit and manage your future sales talent.
  • Other members of your team that are involved in and support sales (think: Marketing, Product, Customer Success), but don’t have direct accountability. These folks on your team will hugely benefit from attending Lean Sales as well. This course will help get your whole team on the same page as to your sales approach, and how they all work together to drive revenue.
  • If you have a sales process that is working well (or maybe you’re already a 321 Sales Alumni!), you may want to have newer team members take Lean Sales as part of their onboarding. This course can be a time- and cost-efficient way to get your newer team members up to speed on a sales approach that works.

And as mentioned earlier, we’ve learned (from our ~170 attendees in ~120 companies) that you’ll get better outcomes, faster, if everyone that touches sales goes through the Lean Sales experience together. It’s a bigger investment for sure, but it also ensures that you will be able to implement what you learn – and drive sales results – more quickly.

Is any prior sales experience required?

Nope! Lean Sales is a fit for those with no prior experience, as well as those folks with more sales experience that are keen to brush up their skills, or learn new skills and techniques.

What stage of company will get the most from 321’s Lean Sales?

We have worked with companies at all different stages, and attendees with varying levels of sales experience.

In general, you’ll get the very most from your Lean Sales experience if:

  • You are working full-time on your business, or are very close to making that leap.
  • You already have a product. It may be launched, or will soon be. You are well on your way to product-market-fit. (Why? If you are too early stage, you are far better off spending your time on market validation – then once you’ve got some market feedback, we can help you get ready to sell!)
  • In terms of stage, you may be:
    • Pre- or early-revenue, with some customers, and want to build your sales engine “right” from the outset.
    • Have some customers and revenue, but are having some issues accelerating your growth – and need some help.
    • Are doing well, but know that how you’re doing sales today won’t scale.
  • Critical to enjoying your Lean Sales adventure – and achieving great outcomes is your commitment to making growing your sales a top priority. In short, you and your team are ready to stop talking about it, and get ‘er done.

What’s the investment? 

Your investment in 321’s Lean Sales is two-fold:

First, the $:

$1299 | 1 person

Additional $300 | 2nd person from the same company

If you’re looking to sign up 3+ people, Contact us!

But let’s not forget: your time!

The second part of your investment is your time! Lean Sales is not a passive course where you can sit in the back row and do emails (or scroll through your social media). You’ll want to sign up when you’ll be able to actively participate.

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