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Grow your business with $$$$ support: here’s some hacks!

Making your dollars go as far as possible is key when starting a new business. There are programs in most provinces with federal and provincial dollars available to help entrepreneurs and their teams grow.

Some things that are covered are hiring, training (hint, hint) or other costs associated with traction and growth.

We’ve pulled together some pretty comprehensive lists for access to funding. Many of these programs have been known to change periodically and vary in criteria, so make sure to reach out to the provider directly with any questions you may have.

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant (CAJG) is an employer-driven program that helps employers invest in training for current and future employees.

  • Employers are eligible for two-thirds of the total approved training cost, up to $10,000 per trainee, per fiscal year for current employees.
  • Until February 28, 2022 there are also changes to this program that allows the founder to apply for training (so it’s not just for your employees anymore!). But, keep in mind that this only applies if you have four or fewer employees.
  • The application process takes a total of about 15 mins. Once you’ve applied, you can register for your 321 course (you can do this as soon as your application has been submitted – no need to wait).
  • Have a look at our simple instructions here.
  • Start your application here.

Not in Alberta? We’ve gathered some funding options for you, too!

Training and onboarding can be expensive:

If you’re thinking about hiring, check out some of the grants below – they aim to take the sting out of costs!

Alberta Jobs Now Program provides funding to non-profits and private businesses to cover hiring costs, salary, and/or training costs for up to 10 employees. Funding to cover costs up to:

  • 25% of a new hire’s salary up to $25,000 per employee
  • 37.5% of the new hire’s salary up to $37,500 per employee with a disability
  • The Alberta Jobs Now program just completed its second intake on Dec 17th, 2021 – stay tuned for an update on when the third intake will begin!

If you’re thinking about hiring students or interns, the grants below may be worth a look:

Here’s a few (pretty incredible) pro-tips from our friend Andrew Browne

At our Growth Snacks: Grants Funding Opportunities in early February, Andrew who heads up the Funding Catalyst team at Thin Air Labs shared some amazing resources. We thought we’d share them you, too!

Know of other funding (non-dilutive) that you’ve successfully accessed? Please share with us so we can spread the word! And, let us know if you’re applying for some support to take a 321 course, we’ll make sure you have exactly what you need to fill out those applications as fast as possible.

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