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We offer a range of proven programming options for clients and communities of tech accelerators, incubators, economic development organizations, VC funds, co-working spaces – and more!

You can offer 321’s proven sales and growth marketing programs as a value-add to the companies you work with – either in a private cohort or joining a broader group in the 321 cohorts. Or, we can create a “custom blend”, with just the right mix of sales, growth marketing, operations and other course content to help drive their growth.

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What people are saying

James Lochrie, Thin Air Labs

The people part of our business is the one that makes us go. If you don’t look after that, your business is going to find roadblocks along the way. Whether it’s in the sales side of things, whether it’s marketing, whether it’s the culture or people side of things, those are aspects of business often ignored in the early stages. It’s embedding yourself into 321 programs that allows everything to go faster.

James Lochrie
Thin Air Labs

Jordana Armstrong, Innovate Calgary

Just got off a call with yet another entrepreneur raving about the deep & unique insights generated through 321 Growth Academy to grow their business. Grateful to have such a wealth of experience here in Alberta. On to further diversification!

Jordana Armstrong
Innovate Calgary

Pierre Doyon, VMSA

My take on 321 is simple: it should be mandatory for any startup founder and their team members. I’d go as far as saying that no public funding should be provided before companies take the program. Sales, marketing, go-to-market and business development skills and knowledge are lacking… I see this every week.

Pierre Doyon

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