What’s in a name? Lots!

321 Growth Academy is more than just sales programs.

We’re pretty excited that 321 Sales Academy is now 321 Growth Academy. Growing tech companies by growing skills is what we’re all about.

We started as a bit of an experiment by Carey Houston to a launch a new type of sales training – one based on experience ‘walking in your shoes’, on lean principles and on applying new knowledge to actively work on real-world challenges- to the tech ecosystem. Turns out, it was an idea whose time had come. Now, over 60 companies have taken 321 Sales programs.

And we’re just getting going! We have a big idea: we’re on a mission to level up the skills startups and scaleups need to meet their moonshots.

So we’ve taken the same approach to other functional areas: Growth Marketing, People and Product. Together, these four key areas: Sales, Marketing, People and Product are the key drivers of growth. We help startups and scaleups align, integrate and deliver growth by learning and applying skills.

We’ve spent the last twenty years in the trenches of tech. Our adventures in early stage and growth companies have been rewarding, hard, exciting and yielded heaps of lessons learned through experience. Along the way, we’ve noticed that every founder, leader and company we met and worked with had a universal challenge that had the potential to hinder their growth: talent.

Specifically, we noticed the same network of people were called upon (and often came up empty) to find unicorns with B2B sales, growth marketing, product management and people (HR) skills. We received – and sent – tons of “those” emails, seeking out referrals to talent that we feverishly willed to exist. In early-stage companies, the call was sometimes for a Swiss army type person who could do a bit of everything, thrive in a startup and had tons of hustle to boot. And other times, investors talked about how they wished they could upskill the people in their portfolio companies and coach and develop first-time founders.

Enter 321 Growth Academy. We’re here to address the need for people and companies to develop the key skills needed to grow companies. We’ve walked in your shoes and we want to use our experiences to help put you on the path to accelerated success.

We are focused on bringing about a “grow your own” approach. We can’t find them, it’s hard to recruit them from elsewhere (hello: winter), so we have to grow our own talent pool to help our startups grow.

We’re excited to announce that we’re gearing up for new courses and cohorts that extend our programs. Check out our upcoming courses or drop us a line to learn more. Hope to see you there!

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