If you’re keen to get help and you know the focus area for you (Sales, Marketing or People), you might be wondering:

Should I take the one day Kickstarter course or the 9-week deep-dive course?

Well, we can help you decide…read on!

Are you new to Sales, Marketing or People?  Know you need help but beyond that not sure what you need help with?  Do you need to learn more about the topic area so you can decide what to do next? Know you need help but not sure exactly what or even how much time you have to dedicate to it? 

Then start with our Kickstarter level courses. 

If you know you want to focus on Sales (or Marketing), but beyond that you’re not really sure where to start, our Kickstarter level courses are a great fit for you.  321’s Kickstarter courses enable you to get your feet wet in a functional area.  You’ll learn an overview of the topic area, what Sales/Marketing is (and isn’t), a model to build a successful Sales/Marketing engine, dive into a few key concepts, understand how to assess where you’re at and learn how to prioritize what you should do next. You’ll come away with a sound understanding of the function, an evaluation of your current state and a “prescription” for next steps.  

If you are ready for more, then consider:

Are you a bit further along in your growth company adventure: do you have clients, revenue and you know that if you revamped your Sales/Marketing/People you could ratchet up your growth?  Have you not only identified that you’d like to improve your Sales/Marketing/People function but you are ready to make the change (read: you’re committed to change and ready to do the work to get to the next level)? Then our 9-week deep-dive courses in Sales/Marketing are for you.

In our 9-week sessions we help you level up your Sales or Marketing function by sharing our 321 models for Sales orMarketing success. We guide you through the concepts and the applications of your learning to build these functions that yields results.  

In Sales, you will learn from our 321 sales playbook that is all about results and revenue growth.  You’ll find out how to target customers (who want what you have), how to do successful prospecting, how to develop scripts that sell, how to close and how to build and execute effective sales processes.  

In Marketing, you will learn from our 321 marketing manifesto that is focused on marketing that generates revenues and growth.  You’ll find out how to develop your Marketing fundamentals (market assessment, prioritization of segments, target customers, positioning/messaging and branding), and then how to use this foundation, along with our playbook for successful marketing campaigns, to design a marketing campaign that helps you grow.  

If you’re interested in People, we offer full day Masterclasses. Coming up in Spring 2020? Talent Masterclass – our interactive recruiting and orientation workshop for founders and team leads. In one day, you’ll learn the key ideas and tools – from developing roles, recruiting unicorns and building belonging – to kickstart building your team for growth. This interactive talent workshop will unpack a better way to attract and onboard the talent you need to grow.

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