Igniting growth for B2B startups and scaleups

Want to achieve greater traction and grow revenues? We help companies and people level up their sales, marketing, product management and people capabilities to realize better results.

Supercharge your growth

Wild about where you’re going but worried about making  your moonshot? We can help. We accelerate B2B startups and growth companies through hands-on learning, coaching and a community of growth experts. Using a lean approach, we help you build better skills and align your team to drive more revenue, faster.

321 growth focus areas


Struggling to grow sales as fast as you need to? Need to get customer #1? Succeeding somewhat – but with a scattered approach? Stuck in the close-sales-to-close-funding vicious circle? Wondering how best to scale up sales? We can help.

Lean sales for B2B startups and scaleups: from prospecting through to closing, we help you achieve sales traction faster. Take an experiential learning approach to learn and practice the skills you need to take sales to the next level.


Growth Marketing

Keen to realize better returns from your marketing investment? Wondering how marketing can deliver better lead generation? Know which marketing options make the most sense for you? We can help.

Growth marketing for B2B startups and scaleups: from finding product-market fit to filling the funnel, we help you drive revenue through marketing that matters. Take a hands-on approach to build and apply the expertise you need to move marketing toward your moonshot.



Want to hire unicorns? Can’t find the people you need to fuel your growth? Ready to ratchet up your recruiting to make better hires? Want to boost performance so your team achieves more? Curious as to what culture means and why it matters? We can help.

Lean HR for B2B startups: from finding and motivating talent to building culture and peak performance, we help you learn people practices that grow revenue. Take a practical, learning by doing path to ramp up people expertise that powers growth.


Product Management

Reeling from the illusion of build-it-and-they-will-come? Pondering your product-market fit? Want to build better product roadmaps? Yearning to make more of your product launch? Challenged to build product management expertise? We can help.

Lean product management for B2B startups and scaleups: from personas to product roadmaps, we help you grow revenue via high performing product management. Take a real-world approach to develop and apply product management proficiency that results in real growth.


Who’s it for?

321 Growth Academy was built for founders or senior members of a startup team or scaleup team that lead sales, marketing, product management and people functions, and ultimately, company growth.

You work in a B2B startup or scaleup that is for-profit or a social enterprise. You’ve already developed an MVP, are on your way (or have achieved) product/market fit, likely have a few customers (or close to landing some) and may have early revenue. You may also be further along the ages and stages journey with multiple clients and revenue growth and be looking to transition to a new focus.

Most importantly, you’re fiercely committed to investing the time and effort to get growth results and are willing to explore and apply fresh approaches.

What 321 alumni have to say

321 Sales Academy is a bit of a misnomer - the program went WELL beyond sales. In addition to knowing how to tackle sales, I also came away with a crystal clear understanding of our customer, the value we bring them, and critically, where to focus my efforts for greatest impact. That was unexpected - but huge - value!

Taylor Assalyfounder and CEO, IronHub

Applying what I learned in 321’s Sales 101 and Lean Sales has taken our business to new heights. We’ve already landed 2 national clients, and are on track for a seven-figure revenue this year.

Hanif SymendCEO, Symend and angel investor

We’ve simplified our pricing model, upgraded our sales tools and process, and closed a paid pilot with an International client - all within 3 months. And, we were able to apply our newly acquired sales skills to close on a seven-figure angel investment.

Kevin KonynenbeltCEO Solv3D Inc.

Hands-on learning

321 Growth Academy move beyond “just training” to a real world, real problems approach where you realize real outcomes through learning by doing. Our courses are hands-on, experiential learning that guides your growth efforts through building and practicing expertise in sales, marketing, product and people.

Every program is highly interactive, including hands-on exercises and time to work on applying what you learn in your business. 321 participants become part of a community of peers and growth experts that collaboratively propel your company. You are included in exclusive community events, like Level Up Labs (skills building nights and networking with industry experts), have access to program content and discussions on a private Slack channel.

Align everyone around growth

Wondering how to get everyone and every team in your company focused on growth? We can help. We take an integrated approach to growth, believing the four pillars that drive growth – Sales, Marketing, People and Product – are intertwined. We help you to align people and teams around growth goals and activities, and unify everyone with a common why. The result? Traction + revenue.

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