About 321.

At 321, we’re entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.

All those marketing and sales challenges you’re facing? We’ve stared them down. We’re like you—entrepreneurs who’ve been in the trenches of startups, scaleups and big brands. So, we’ll tell it to you straight. And then we’ll get your marketing and sales straight too—so you can win.

Our story.

Building a business—it ain’t for the faint of heart.

There’s a lot of romance in the idea of building a business. And then you actually start to do it and it’s oh-my-god-what-have-I-gotten-myself-into? But entrepreneurship—founding and scaling a company? It gets into your blood. You can’t go back.

For the team at 321—we’ve worked in big established places, but along the way we found we were truly passionate about building something, often from nothing. And helping companies like yours do the same.

Success has a thousand mothers and failure is an orphan.

We’ve all heard a version of this line. But it’s not entirely accurate. The truth is that success is the result of a thousand failures. Over decades of combined marketing and sales experience, we’ve made all the mistakes that people don’t like to talk about.

But we also learned every step along the way. Our many successes (and we’re happy to share them) came from being able to turn those learnings into durable systems, reliable processes, and the best practices you can count on to deliver results that will show up on your balance sheet.

Hi. We’re 321 Growth Academy. We can help you win.

We’re Chantel Elliott and Sarah Morrill. We’re the partners here at 321 Growth Academy. You can learn more about us in our bios below. But the point we really want to make here is this: we say we’re like you because we are. We’ve sat in the office wondering how to make payroll, but we’ve also sat back and toasted the closing of a huge deal. We’ve won in marketing. And we’ve won in sales. Let’s talk about how we can help you do the same.

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Our leadership team.

Chantel Elliott

Chantel has 25+ years of marketing leadership experience in startups, large organizations, and marketing agencies. She’s also a certified leadership coach and leverages that experience to facilitate 321’s Growth Marketing course and the OnRamp Growth Marketing Bootcamp. She’s passionate about helping early-career marketers and tech business leaders make powerful professional impacts.

Sarah Morrill

Sarah has 15+ years of marketing and customer engagement experience with startups, agencies, and big brands. Sarah directs 321’s customer success and business development efforts, and is course facilitator for 321’s Lean Sales course and the OnRamp Lean Sales Bootcamp. She also leads engagement with our partner network. Sarah is also passionate about company culture and volunteering in the tech community.

Carey Houston
Founder & Advisor

Carey founded 321 Growth Academy in 2017. Her mission: to create an organization where seasoned entrepreneurs could share their expertise and experience with growing companies and newer founders. Carey has 25+ years of marketing, sales and product experience in startups, scale-ups, and services companies. She leverages that experience as a facilitator for 321’s Lean Sales and Growth Marketing courses. Carey is passionate about community-building, is an active mentor and a member of TheA100.

Our expert guest speakers.

Our courses feature speakers from the 321 network with deep knowledge in sales and marketing.
Dan Dryfout
Casey Bohn
Public Relations
Danielle Torrie
Content Planning
Lindsay Anderson
Freddy Maynard
Web landing pages
Jen Schultz
Content Marketing
Ryan DeGama
Dan Bergeron
CRMs & Hubspot
Ashley Laabs
Jordan Boyd
Digital Advertising
Some of our amazing clients.
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