Growth Marketing

Level up your marketing engine

Is marketing a key driver of your growth? Or are you spending a lot (of time or $) on marketing, but not getting results? Need more leads to fill the top of your funnel? Not sure of what flavour of marketing you need to win? Or how best you can execute?  321 can help.

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Who's it for?

Founders & execs

Maybe you’re new to marketing (hello, technical founders!), and don’t know what you don’t know… but need to understand how marketing can drive growth, the team you need to execute, and how much to invest.

“Traditional” marketers

You’ve done marketing before, but it’s different now.  Your past experience in brand and marcom hasn’t armed you with what you need to win in your current role – namely, running campaigns to drive growth.

Newbies & non-marketers

Maybe you are a marketing newbie, or want to understand how to collaborate better with marketing. Perhaps you’re a new venture and want to get things “right” at the start – or need guidance as you pivot.    

Any innovative businesses

We’re not focused solely on tech. We’ve helped a variety of innovative businesses – at different stages, in different industries - to grow and scale.

What is Growth Marketing?

In 321’s Growth Marketing course, you’ll learn how to build – or level up – your marketing engine so that it can be a driver of your growth.

You’ll “learn by doing” the kind of marketing that leads to revenue. Faster, leaner, more effective campaigns designed for measurability. Marketing across the buyer journey, from awareness to retention & expansion. Building better messaging & assets. And, you’ll also dig into strategy to ensure you’re tackling any barriers to marketing success.

So, whether you’re just starting out with marketing, looking to scale up, or need to fix what isn’t working, Growth Marketing is the course for you.


Know your target

Identify the best customer to focus on now 

Understand the numbers

Review your calculate your CAC so you know how much to invest

Pick campaign types

Identify the types of marketing campaigns you need to win

Design campaigns

Design marketing campaigns using 321's proven tools & templates

Craft your message

Develop your company and product messages and write better copy

Identify needed assets

Map out the sales tools and marketing assets you need

Define metrics

Identify marketing metrics to assess your ROI and impact

Assess team & stack

Confirm the marketing bench and the stack you need to execute

What people are saying

Brett Colvin, Goodlawyer

One of our mottos is expedited learning. And 321, both sales and marketing, has expedited our learning, exponentially.

Brett Colvin

Alina Turner, Helpseeker

Growing our company through great sales and marketing is every bit as important to us as a social enterprise. Without 321, HelpSeeker would be years behind where we are now.

Alina Turner

Shanika Abeysinghe, Bessie Box

I don't think I would have had the bandwidth to execute what needed to happen when we 10x'd overnight without 321.

Shanika Abeysinghe
Bessie Box

How it works

Learn – while you run your biz

Self-drive through our online tools and frameworks (which are downloadable and yours to keep forever) build business in real-time. You’ll need only ½ day a week to move the needle

Workshop it – with 321 and peers

There’s a ton of interaction weekly (hello Zoom!). We walk-through real-life examples, solve problems together, keep you on track and drive to outcomes

Small group sessions

Receive additional coaching and tailored feedback in small group sessions with your peers and 321 experts (who’ve got decades in the startup trenches!)

Why Growth Marketing?

From strategy to specifics

Yes, we go into the nitty gritty on marketing tactics. But we also guide you through the strategy bits needed to do great marketing – like prioritizing the best target customer, nailing down your differentiation, and understanding unit economics.

Actionable feedback as you go

Our model of “learn while doing” ensures progress each and every week, and our alumni report gains in both customer and revenue growth. We'll help you to achieve tangible outcomes!

Superior cohort experience

Tap into our extensive marketing and campaign experience – across business models, sectors, product categories and company stages. Get access to the 321 expert instructors, guests and our extended community.

Proven playbooks and templates

Our proven playbooks and templates are yours to use and keep. They drive you to outcomes every week, with options for early-stage vs. scaling companies.



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Chantel Elliott

Experienced Marketing Executive

Chantel has 25+ years of marketing leadership experience with a mix of startups, scale-ups and large enterprise. She's also a leadership coach for impact-driven entrepreneurs and mid-career leaders

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