You have choices.  And a LOT of demands on your time. We get that.  

And you know you need help levelling-up to fuel your growth.  

But how do you know if working with 321 is the right partner for you?  Why choose our courses over other options?  

It’s about results, impact and experience. So, let’s explain…

Let’s start with the most important part: your results and impact.  

To date, we’ve helped 220 founders (and their team members) in 145 companies accelerate their growth. And we’re consistently hearing how we’ve helped them to grow their pipelines, close more deals, increase deal sizes, ramp up marketing to drive more awareness, better leads, greater retention and more.

Testimonial from Hanif Joshaghani, 321 Alumni

Next: Our experience. 

We’re different because we’ve been executives and senior leaders in startups and growth companies.  We’ve held the operating roles and have the adventures, successes and lessons learned that result from that!  We are experienced growth experts who deliver hands-on training (in sales, marketing, product management and people performance) to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. We’ve been doing this for a long time (a LOOOONG time), and have backed in our experience from startups and scaleups into 321 courses. 

321 courses are also building a real track record with a growing number of companies and people participating.  Why 321: We’ve helped over 100 companies and 150 participants (founders and leaders from those companies) level up their Sales, Marketing and People skills.  Our courses have a Net Promoter Score of 77% (greater than 70%, which is considered world-class), meaning that the great majority of our participants would ardently recommend 321 to others.  And of those alumni companies and people, we have our share of raving fans of 321.  

Testimonial from Brad Zumwalt, Entrepreneur, Investor and Community Leader

Why 321: we are different in ways that benefit you. 

We ignite your growth: at 321 we are all about helping startups and scale-ups like you to accelerate your business.  

And now a bit about us.  We’re different in a few key ways:


  • We go beyond “training:” Our programs are “hands-on” and help you solve the real-world challenges that startups and scale-ups face every day. You won’t just learn concepts. You’ll learn practical skills and apply them to your business in real-time. 

Outcomes Obsessed

  • Our moonshot is your revenue growth: we want to help you level up your skills so you can take your revenue to the next level. That’s why in all our courses, you’ll learn by doing, so you can realize – and measure – your outcomes. 


  • Our programs cultivate the power of community: you’ll learn in a cohort of other founders and sales leaders who have similar challenges. We are better together.  Once you’re done, you join our network of alumni with regular meetups.

Drives Accountability

  • Our alumni often remark that attending 321Growth Academy programs spurred accountability.  They made the time time to learn and apply that new knowledge.  Ultimately, this helped them to achieve better results than they did on their own.

Built by Experience

  • Our programs are developed by industry veterans with decades of real-word experience in the startup trenches. We’ve been in your shoes and want to help you learn from our adventures (both successes and failures!). 

Okay, I’m interested. Now where do I start? 

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