6 reasons why 321 is the right choice for you

You might be thinking that you need some help fuelling your growth strategy.  But with the constraints on your time, and the many options at your disposal, how do you know that 321 is the right choice for you?

How we’re different…

  1. Built and delivered by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs: Our course designers and instructors are industry veterans with decades of real-world experience in the trenches with high-growth companies. We’ve been in your shoes, so our courses guide you through proven approaches to growth strategy from startups to scale-ups, with different business models, at different stages, in different industries.
  1. Superior cohort experience: We know that we are stronger together. So, you’ll learn in a cohort of other entrepreneurs facing similar challenges. Hearing about your peers’ experience and perspectives amplifies your own learning and builds your network – lasting long after your course has wrapped up. Our weekly sessions are fun, interactive, and highly engaging – no long Zoom sessions with instructors as “talking heads”!). Instead, our group sessions include sharing plenty of examples, and lots of peer discussion and feedback.
  1. Designed for busy folks who need flexibility: The hustle and bustle of startup life can be challenging, so we’ve designed our courses to give you lots of flexibility. We combine online learning (that you can tackle when it’s best for you) and highly interactive peer discussions – all led by our 321 experts.
  1. Practical and outcomes-oriented: We know you don’t have time for fluff. At 321, you’ll learn real, tangible go-to market skills that you can apply in real-time – as quickly as you learn them. Our goal is for you to start seeing results during your course.
  1. Focused on accountability: You don’t get to the big outcomes by wishing – you get there by doing. Your 321 course facilitator is there to help you learn, sure, but also to keep you accountable. We’ll support (and sometimes lean on you a bit) to ensure you’re keeping up, getting the work done, and moving the needle forward on your business – week by week.
  1. Connect you to the 321 community: As a 321’er, you connect not just with your cohort, but the broader 321 community, including alumni companies as well as our expansive network of partners and investors. Our aim is to prepare you for growth and investment (if that’s your goal) – with the right investors and partners, when you’re ready.

“Okay, I’m interested…but not sure where to start!”

Take a look at our blog – “Which 321 course is right for me” – to help you decide whether you’ll get more value from tackling sales or marketing first.

Still unsure?

No worries! We’re here to help. Drop us a line, we’d love to connect!

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