Private cohorts led by senior-level entrepreneurs.

Partner with us to create a private training program for your companies.

We partner with government-funded organizations, accelerators, and large scaling companies to deliver highly practical sales and marketing training programs. If you want results for your companies, we should talk. Our programs deliver exactly that.

Program overview

The fastest, most effective way to help your companies grow.
What are 321’s private cohort programs? A quick overview.

Our private cohort programs are built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. So there’s no fluff and no nonsense. It’s all about getting to work and getting results.

First, we’ll work with you to understand the challenges your participants are facing. Then we’ll customize a program to make sure they get exactly what they need to address sales and marketing problems, capture market opportunities, and build a strong foundation that will deliver results today and scale tomorrow.

Our impact: the numbers speak for themselves.

Companies have trusted us.


Of our alumni reported growth.


Of our alumni actually doubled revenues.


Our world-class NPS score.

Canada’s most impactful sales and marketing training.
Why partner with 321 to build your private training program? 

Guided by hands-on experts.

Our programs are taught by battle-tested entrepreneurs with serious chops in sales and marketing. And we don’t just teach your companies. We get deep in the trenches and work directly with them on their business challenges.

program design.

Every company has different problems and opportunities. A generic program won’t deliver the value they need – or that you want. So, we consult with you to design a curriculum that directly addresses your cohort’s specific needs and challenges.

We’re committed to every company.

Because we don’t make financial investments in companies, we’re able to give every company in our programs the same level of commitment and focus. We’re here to help them grow regardless of the fundraising path they’re on (or not) when they join us.

Highly practical & actionable content.

We don’t just teach theory. This is a hands-on program. Your companies will start working on their businesses from the first day and put it all into practice soon after. This means they get market feedback faster so they can pivot, adjust, and win faster too.

People actually enjoy our programs.

We’ve gone out of our way to make our programs interactive, collaborative, and engaging so nobody gets bored – and everybody stays committed. Your companies will love the sense of energy and achievement they’ll feel each day they work with us.

Our alumni companies loved their 321 experiences. 

The private cohort experience with 321 was a game-changer for us. Not only was the program tailored to our specific needs, but 321’s experts helped us define LeapGreat’s go-to-market strategy–setting us on a path for accelerated growth right from the start. It felt like being handed a customized roadmap that ensured we were focused and ready to hit the ground running.”

Bob Cummings
CEO, LeapGreat

321 truly went above and beyond for our cohort. Their ready-made program, customized to our specific needs, was a game-changer. They took on all the heavy lifting for us by managing the entire process of setting up and onboarding, which made our experience smooth and successful. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.”

Jean-Philippe Naim
Talent Program Manager, Startup Montreal

We’ve been thrilled to work with 321 Growth Academy to help the accelerate startups and scale-ups in our community. They delivered great programming with tangible outcomes for participants, but also were able to adapt their program to meet our unique needs, provide tools and frameworks participants can adapt and use again and again, and all sessions are delivered by experts with “in the trenches” experience. In addition, our companies can continue to leverage the 321 community with ongoing education and support, and access to their network of investors, mentors and more.”

Graeme Jobe
Program Director, Co.Labs

321 Growth provided an excellent foundation for us to build out future sales and marketing strategies and execution plans. Thank you so much to the 321 team for putting together a dynamic and customized program that covered marketing, client success and sales for our teams.”

Joanna Wynn
Director, Enterprise & Partnerships Virtual Gurus

asked questions
What support does 321 offer during program delivery?

We’ve been doing this for years, so we know how to make your experience as seamless as possible. We’ve got a top-notch learning management system (which is the online platform that we use to help distribute curriculum materials) and an incredible Customer Success team that works with you from onboarding right through the end of your program. We’ve also delivered across different scenarios – including our stand-alone course and when we integrate our program into larger experiences. The bottom line: we take care of the logistics and details so you can focus on learning and working on your business.

How are 321 programs delivered?

For our public programs, we offer a mix of weekly live class instruction and on-demand content during our programs. The live sessions are delivered virtually to create the most flexibility for our participants. Each program also features ‘out-of-class’ work you can do at your convenience. This usually takes 4-6 hours per week. If you want more flexibility in delivery or an immediate start date, we also offer private experiences.

How experienced is 321 in program design?

Very. In fact, we’ve helped over 500 companies transform their marketing and sales over the last decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make sure our clients get the impact they need. One key learning? You need to work on your business during the course, not after. Theory is important. Results are critical. So, we get you right to work from the first week.

How much do 321 programs cost?

Because each of our custom programs is exactly that – custom – we provide bespoke costs once we understand your program requirements. Contact us and we can start a conversation about your custom program.

Do you have any metrics that prove your programs work?

Funny you should ask. Here are the numbers: 80% of our alumni companies reported growth in customers or users. 30% of those reported actually doubling their revenues. We also have an 81 Net Promoter Score, which is world class. And here’s one more: when you take our program, we’re 100% focused on helping your business grow and succeed.

I’m not experienced in marketing or sales. Is this program for me?

Absolutely. We work with everyone from C-level sales and marketing executives to technical founders and experts to junior team members who are just getting their feet underneath them. We try to demystify marketing and sales and get down to the practical things you and your team can do today to make a difference for your business.

Who are the instructors of 321 programs?

We have a number of program leads – including Chantel Elliott and Sarah Morrill – both of whom are senior leaders in sales and marketing. But we also bring in senior experts from the 321 network to deliver content at various points in the program. Learn more about our instructors and experts on this page.

How ‘custom’ are 321’s custom programs?

It’s a great question. We have a large library of content and decades of industry experience so we can customize program design in significant ways to address your specific asks and challenges. We can go deep in an area, provide a broader overview, or both. We also regularly create new materials with each new partner we work with. This all helps us make sure every cohort and every company gets the specific learning outcomes and business impact they need.

Can you white label our programs for your companies?

Yes, you can. Let’s talk about it. Get in touch here to set up a meeting.

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