Growth Marketing

Build a powerful marketing engine that drives revenue and growth. 

Our flagship Growth Marketing program is designed for all types of companies and industries. We help founders, seasoned marketers, and anyone new-to-marketing level up so you can put campaigns into market and know you’ll get results.

Struggling to justify your marketing spend? Not even sure where to spend? You’re not alone.

Why is marketing so hard to get right? Is it the endless array of potential tactics and channels? The challenge of tying spending to revenue? Prospects with full calendars and atomized attention spans so you seemingly have to scream bloody murder to get their attention?

The answer to all of these questions (and many others) is ‘yes, damn it’. Marketing is more challenging than ever before. Which is why it’s also more important than ever before. We’ll help you get it right. And demystify it in the process.

Marketing that drives revenue. That’s the kind you want.

Growth Marketing: From strategic fundamentals to in-market execution.

Build your foundation

Marketing is strategic but many companies just act tactically. That’s why their results are so scattershot and unpredictable.

We’ll help you build a strategic foundation with clarity about offering, target customers, and competitive landscape.

Build your brand

Brand confusion dooms companies. You need to know who you are and why you’ll matter before anything you do in-market will work.

We’ll help you sharpen (or rebuild) positioning, differentiators, and messaging so your brand will sing—and your buyers will sing right back.

Build your campaigns

There are four kinds of lean marketing campaigns. But none of them involve spraying social media ads and blogs into the ether and hoping somebody bites.

We’ll guide you through awareness, conversion, retention, and expansion campaigns—and build a plan to execute.

Program overview

Growth Marketing is our in-depth, in-the-weeds course for founders, seasoned marketers, and anyone new-to-marketing. In 12 powerful weeks, you’ll learn everything you need to know about building a marketing engine—from strategy to tactics.

You’ll work on your business from day one.

With 321, you’ll be working on your marketing right away and putting it into market soon after. We’ll fix what’s not working and build something that will. Then you’ll learn, adjust, and pivot in real-time.

You’ll love the experience.

You’ll actually enjoy our program because it’s interactive, engaging, and energizing. You get access to a wealth of on-demand content plus weekly Zoom classes plus group deep dive sessions. Note: there’s work for you to do both in class and between classes—about a half day per week total.

Expect transformative outcomes.
We know you need impact. So that’s exactly what our program delivers.
Pick your targets

Identify the optimal customers and stakeholders to target.

Refine your brand

Refine your company brand, product messages and write better copy.

Identify assets, team & stack

Get clear on the sales tools, collateral, team & tech you need to execute.

Choose campaign types

Identify the types of marketing campaigns you need to win.

Design campaigns

Design marketing campaigns using 321’s proven tools & templates.

Understand your numbers

Calculate your CAC to inform investment and identify metrics to assess ROI.

Public or private:
Pick the experience that works for you.

Pick the experience that works for you.

Our flagship course
Growth Marketing: Public cohort

Our public Growth Marketing cohorts are 12-weeks long, with weekly group sessions led by a 321 instructor and on-demand content and tools you can access as we progress. These tools are yours to keep forever. You’ll also get to participate in two group deep dive sessions and a chance to learn from peer companies facing some of the same marketing challenges as you.

Next cohort starts: Fall 2024

Virtual group sessions

On-demand content

Half-day per week time requirement

$3,200 per company (for up to 3 participants)

Contact us for groups of four or more

Attention! You may be eligible to get up to ⅔ of the cost of the public cohort covered by a grant. Learn more here.

Our flagship course
Growth Marketing: Private experience

Our private Growth Marketing experience offers you focused, individual attention and a flexible program that you can start whenever you’re ready. Dig into the topics that are of primary interest to you—and benefit from 5 personal deep dive sessions led by 321’s expert strategists. Just like with the public cohort, you get on-demand content and tools you can access as we progress. And keep forever. The private experience can be completed in 6 months or less.  

Virtual private sessions

On-demand content

Half-day per week time requirement

$4,200 per company (for up to 3 participants)

Contact us for groups of four or more

What 321 alumni say about our programs.

As a busy founder, 321 really helped me stay motivated and on track to achieving the outcomes I was hoping for. Plus, the cohort experience made learning really enjoyable. The course was light years better than previous training I’ve taken.”

Ryan Hurlbut
Founder & President, Safe2Day

As someone tasked to lead the marketing strategy for Biohubx, I found 321’s Growth Marketing course essential in helping me gain clarity on where to focus our marketing activity and investments. The course was engaging and provided practical insights that I could apply to our business right away. If you’re a professional or team looking to elevate your marketing, look no further!

Dayna Neilson
Business Systems Integrator, BioHubx

We’ve seen the impact that 321 is making, not just with early-stage companies but across Alberta’s broader entrepreneurship community. Will you accelerate your business with 321? Absolutely. The value they bring is unmatched, making them a clear choice for any businesses seeking to grow.”

Arden Tse
Investment Manager, Accelerate Fund

Growing our company through great sales and marketing is every bit as important to us as a social enterprise. Without 321, HelpSeeker would be years behind where we are now.”

Alina Turner
CEO & Co-Founder, Helpseeker
A concentrated dose of live marketing training.

Half-day, high-impact marketing workshops.

Our expert instructors also deliver marketing training in compact half-day workshops. You’ll work on your business in the class and put it into action right afterwards.  

Custom marketing workshops

Need something different? Want us to build a custom marketing workshop for your team? We’re up for it. Just reach out and start a conversation.

Meet our lead facilitators.

Our Growth Marketing program is taught by deeply experienced entrepreneurs. They also feature regular contributions from guest speakers in the 321 network.
Chantel Elliott

Chantel has 25+ years of marketing leadership experience in startups, large organizations, and marketing agencies and over 10 years as an entrepreneur. As Partner at Material Insight, Chantel provided strategic marketing leadership to over 24 companies over 9 years. She facilitates 321’s Growth Marketing course and the OnRamp Growth Marketing Bootcamp.

Sarah Morrill

Sarah has 15+ years of industry experience, with marketing leadership roles at both startups and scaleups. She’s a mentor to entrepreneurs and has also worked as a marketing consultant for a decade. Sarah directs 321’s customer success efforts, facilitates 321’s Lean Sales course and the OnRamp Lean Sales Bootcamp. She also leads engagement with our partner network.

Have questions?

Let’s talk.

asked questions
What support does 321 offer during program delivery?

We’ve been doing this for years, so we know how to make your experience as seamless as possible. We’ve got a top-notch learning management system (which is the online platform that we use to help distribute curriculum materials) and our incredible Customer Success team. They help you set up all the program sessions in your calendar, and support you throughout the course. You also get two small group sessions with 321 experts (and your peers) where you can ask questions and get feedback on your work. Plus, we’ll help you stay accountable – you’ll set your goals and we’ll help you hit them.

How are 321 programs delivered?

For our public programs, we offer a mix of weekly live class instruction and on-demand content during our programs. The live sessions are delivered virtually to create the most flexibility for our participants. Each program also features ‘out-of-class’ work you can do at your convenience. This usually takes 4-6 hours per week. If you want more flexibility in delivery or an immediate start date, we also offer private experiences.

How experienced is 321 in program design?

Very. In fact, we’ve helped over 500 companies transform their marketing and sales over the last decade. We know what works, what doesn’t, and how to make sure our clients get the impact they need. One key learning? You need to work on your business during the course, not after. Theory is important. Results are critical. So, we get you right to work from the first week.

How much do 321 programs cost?

We have a number of pricing options so we can help all sorts of companies with different numbers of attendees—and provide flexible delivery options. You can see pricing by scrolling up on this page to the section titled “Public or private: pick the experience that works for you”. We also offer shorter half-day workshops at different rates, which are listed here.

Do you have any metrics that prove your programs work?

Funny you should ask. Here are the numbers: 80% of our alumni companies reported growth in customers or users. 30% of those reported actually doubling their revenues. We also have an 81 Net Promoter Score, which is world class. And here’s one more: when you take our program, we’re 100% focused on helping your business grow and succeed.

I’m not experienced in marketing or sales. Is this program for me?

Absolutely. We work with everyone from C-level sales and marketing executives to technical founders and experts to junior team members who are just getting their feet underneath them. We try to demystify marketing and sales and get down to the practical things you and your team can do today to make a difference for your business.

Who are the instructors of 321 programs?

We have a number of program leads—including Chantel Elliott and Sarah Morrill – both of whom are senior leaders in sales and marketing. But we also bring in senior experts from the 321 network to deliver content at various points in the program. Learn more about our instructors and experts on this page.