Answer each of these 10 statements with a quick yes or no… and then read on to find out what that means for how your 2022 sales might shape up.

  • You know exactly what a “good” lead looks like – and track in your CRM  the specific attributes that tell you if they’re a good fit and likely to buy.
  • You’ve got a big juicy (and prioritized) list of prospects to work.
  • You’ve have messaging that resonates, and know what to say to prospects that makes them curious and eager to hear more. 
  • You know the specific tactics that get your prospects willing to talk to you. 
  • You understand your value, so can defend successfully against pressure to discount your pricing.
  • You know how to drive urgency, so your prospects buy sooner.
  • You know how much effort your team has to put into prospecting and sales (every week) to hit your revenue goal in 2022. 
  • You know the key metrics to track so you can understand what is working – and what (or who) isn’t.
  • Your CRM is a big asset, helping you to execute efficiently, and to automate your metrics and reporting. 
  • You know what sales outcomes potential investors expect from companies at your stage.

If the answer is “sounds like me!” to < 7 of the above 10 questions… 

You’ve got some work to do on building your sales engine. (But you probably know that already). Here’s a list of the first 5 things you’ll want to do.

Or if it’s “got that covered!” to 8+ of the above… 

But you might need to look ahead at what you need to grow further, faster. Or to ensure you’ve got your entire team operating at peak performance. Here are some tips for scaling your sales engine.