Review this checklist and answer each with a quick yes or no…then, read on to find out what that means for how your 2024 marketing might shape up. 

  1. You have a good handle on your Customer Acquisition Costs – not just what they are, but what they should be, so you’re investing wisely.
  2. You know how to adapt your key messages for buyers at different stages and how to build compelling marketing assets and sales tools
  3. You understand the specific tactics (like email, social etc.) that are effective in breaking through the noise to reach your prospects.
  4. You know how to cost effectively improve awareness to speed up your conversions.
  5. You understand the types of “offers” that your prospects will value, so they click, convert, buy. 
  6. You understand what a customer is worth to you, so you know how much to invest in keeping (or growing) them.
  7. You know which marketing metrics matter, so you can assess where your marketing is performing… and where it’s not. 
  8. You understand how to measure how campaigns are performing – beyond vanity metrics, all the way to revenue and customer acquisition.
  9. Your CRM helps you better measure campaign and overall marketing performance.
  10. You know what marketing skills you need on the bench to execute, and have them in place.

If you said “nope” more than 6 times….

You’ve got some work to do on building your marketing engine. (We feel you, it’s tough). Here are 5 things you should do now.

And if you said “heck yes” to 7 or more…

Good on you! But you might need to look ahead at what you need to grow further, faster. Not to mention ensuring you’ve got your entire team operating at peak performance. Here are some of our pro tips for scaling your marketing.