There are a few things you may want to consider for your marketing plans that were made pre-pandemic. Here’s some questions to ask yourself and your team before you move forward.

1. How are our prospects and customers doing right now?

Do they need you ‘more than ever before,’ or are they focused on other fires? If you can help, then by all means do. However, show some restraint, if your market is focused elsewhere right now. Navigate lightly. Ask questions. Be in the know. Be right there with your prospects/ consumers and know what they’ll need from you.

2. Should you play the long game?

Take a second and rethink any aggressive tactics in this time of crisis. Play the long game and focus on building your brand. Show your market who you are and what you value. This will often pay when things turn around (and they turn around). Think demonstrating relevant brand values and not aggressive conversation campaigns for instance (for now).

3. Are you comfortable showing emotion?

This is a scary time for many people. Even if your prospects and customers are not highly impacted at work, they may be filled with anxiety over loved ones, stressed taking care of young children (while working at the same time), or feeling ill. Consider if your campaign will mix well with high emotional tension. Could you pivot or change to take an empathetic approach?

4. Watch your tone.

We can’t ignore the elephant in the room – so don’t try. Does the campaign acknowledge what’s going on appropriately? Marketing should not be ignorant to COVID-19. Be sensitive. Be aware.

5. Are you contributing to the noise?

We are constantly being updated with new information regarding the health crisis and its impacts. Your customers and prospects are busy sifting through hundred of blog posts and articles communicated to them on each social platform. If what you have to offer is not adding value, avoid adding to the noise.

=Have you changed any campaigns or marketing plans since Covid hit? We’d love to hear your stories! Reach out and share by connecting with us on Twitter via @321growth or at hi@321growthacademy.com

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