321 is thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with some of the biggest players in Alberta’s tech sector to launch the OnRamp Growth Marketing Bootcamp, an 18-week course designed to give early career marketers the skills they need to succeed in tech marketing.

Together with the A100 (and with funding from SAIT’s School for Advanced Digital Technology and Alberta Enterprise Corporation), 321 built and developed the training program to help address Alberta’s tech marketing talent gap and help companies hire talent who can hit the ground running on day one.

In OnRamp, participants learn with real companies and real projects, under the guidance of industry experts who’ve driven growth inside some of Alberta’s most successful tech companies.

Tech companies in Alberta are growing at lightning speed, but a labour shortage means they can’t always find the talent they need. And that’s slowing down the growth. Meanwhile, new grads are chomping at the bit to join Alberta’s tech companies, but to succeed they need more focused training in growth marketing, not to mention a tech 101 foundation and a crash course in company culture.

When training’s over, OnRamp matches its cohorts with interested tech companies who are eager to hire talent ready to contribute from day one.

Interested in learning more about how your company can participate in OnRamp? Check it out. Or, book a call to get started.