Growth Marketing is our hands-on, deep-dive course for founders, marketing leaders, and their team members. 

In 10 weeks, you’ll learn how to do the kind of marketing that drives growth – like designing and executing great campaigns to generate leads, convert and retain customers, and create great market assets and sales tools. And you’ll learn while doing – applying your new mad skills in your business, in real-time. 

So whether you’re just starting out with marketing, looking to scale up, or need to fix what isn’t working, Growth marketing is the course for you. 

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Here’s what you’ll accomplish during Growth Marketing…

  • A better understanding of your target customer and your value – both key to effective marketing
  • Map out how your buyers buy (their “buyer journey”) and learn how to use it to improve your marketing (and sales) outcomes
  • Assess your branding – and organize all your branding and marketing assets
  • Use the 321 messaging framework to develop your key marketing messages, and learn some best practices for “copywriting”
  • Identify the most critical sales tools or marketing collateral you’ll need
  • Understand different traction channels and where they are best used
  • Learn how to design and execute a “lean” marketing campaign
  • Identify which type of marketing campaigns you need to help you grow and hit your targets – and during the course, you’ll design (and get feedback on) a marketing campaign 
  • Discover what type of “marketing unicorn” you need, and where it makes sense for extend your bench with freelancers and contractors

But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this!

You’ll be guided by 321 experts who’ve “been there, done that,” and have experienced first-hand the kinds of challenges you’re facing.  

During the course, you’ll also get two private “ride-a-long” sessions with your course leader, to help you tackle any tricky marketing challenges you’re facing, or to provide feedback and coaching.

You’ll also learn alongside a group of peers in your cohort that are facing many of the same challenges.  Your learning will be enhanced by their insights and experiences as well.

So, how does Growth Marketing work? 

Well, Growth Marketing is not “typical” training. 

It’s a combination of online learning, with live weekly group discussions on Zoom – led and facilitated by 321 experts. And it’s highly structured, to ensure you make progress in building (or optimizing) your marketing engine – each and every week.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each week, you’ll self-drive through some online content to learn the key concepts, and apply what you’re learning by completing the worksheets provided. Everyone is always busy, so this allows you to choose when is the best time for you to dive in. 
  • Then, we meet online (hello Zoom!) to discuss those key concepts in more detail. Your course leader will check in on your progress (to keep you accountable!), share real-life examples, answer any questions, and lead a group discussion so you can learn from your peers in the cohort.
  • In addition, each participating company gets two “ride-a-longs” to get private coaching and feedback.
  • To wrap up, we celebrate your wins and progress at our Demo Day. We’ll raise a glass to toast everyone’s progress (and give away some great prizes). 

Who will benefit most from Growth Marketing? 

  • Business and technical founders, and senior members of your team that have responsibility for marketing. Perhaps you’re feeling a little uncomfortable (or frankly, completely out of your comfort zone) leading or managing marketing. Growth Marketing will help level up your skills and align your company’s marketing with its growth. You’ll get what you need to be more adept at coaching and supporting your current marketing team, or arm yourself to better recruit and manage your future marketing unicorns.
  • Other members of your team that are involved in and support marketing (think: Sales, Product, Client Success), but don’t have direct accountability. These folks on your team will hugely benefit from attending Growth Marketing as well. This course will help get your whole team on the same page as to your marketing approach, and how they all work together to help drive revenue and growth.
  • You can also use Growth Marketing to help you onboard – or level up – new team members. If you have a marketing process that is working well (or maybe you’re already a 321 Marketing Alumni!), you may want to have newer team members take Growth Marketing as part of their onboarding. This course can be a time- and cost-efficient way to get your newer team members up to speed on a marketing approach that works.

And as mentioned earlier, you’ll get better outcomes, faster, if everyone involved in marketing goes through the Growth Marketing experience together. It’s a bigger investment, but it also ensures that you will be able to implement what you learn – and drive marketing outcomes – faster.

You don’t need any prior marketing experience, either. 

Growth Marketing is a fit for those with no prior marketing experience, as well as those folks keen to brush up their skills, or learn some new skills and techniques.

And Growth Marketing is a great option for all company stages. 

We have worked with companies at all different stages – from early stage to fast-growing scale-ups. But, you’ll get the very most from your Growth Marketing experience if:

  • You are working full-time on your business, or are close to making that leap.
  • You already have a product. It may be launched, or will soon be. You are well on your way to product-market-fit. (Why? If you are too early stage, you are far better off spending your time on market validation – then once you’ve got some market feedback, we can help you get ready to tackle marketing!)
  • In terms of stage, you may:
    • Be pre- or early-revenue, with some customers, and want to build your marketing engine “right” from the outset.
    • Have some customers and revenue, but are having challenges accelerating your growth – and need help figuring out the role marketing plays in that growth
    • Have tried heaps of marketing but you’re not happy with the outcomes, and want to do (far) better. 
    • Be doing well, but know that how you’re tackling marketing today won’t scale well.
  • Critical to enjoying your Growth Marketing adventure – and achieving great outcomes – is your commitment to putting in the work needed to make your marketing better. In short, you and your team are ready to stop talking about it, and get ‘er done.

What’s the investment?

Your investment in 321’s Growth Marketing is two-fold:

First, the $:

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But let’s not forget: your time!

The second part of your investment is your time! Growth Marketing is not a passive course where you can turn off the Zoom camera and do emails (or scroll through your social media). You’ll want to sign up when you’ll be able to actively participate. That’s when you’ll get to those great outcomes we shared up there ☝

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