Our Lean Sales & Growth Marketing courses have helped hundreds of tech companies improve sales and marketing outcomes—but many of our companies come from other diverse industries. Can you guess some of the other industries that we’ve helped get their growth on? They’re probably not who you’d expect!

Let’s have a look at some of the unusual suspects that have used 321’s courses to boost sales for products and services that might surprise you—from sustainable building materials to high-res hyperspectral imaging, and even award-winning chocolate boxes!

Ecosystem players

It’s not news that we’re in the business of helping tech companies grow. But that’s not all… here’s a few of the big players in the tech ecosystem we’ve helped to reach their goals!


InceptionU  is a learning organization that helps Calgarians become future fit. Through its project-based learning model, InceptionU trains people to adapt to modern professional and ever-changing environments by building essential and technical skills. It’s most well-known for its Evolve Full Stack Developer program.

Start Alberta

Start Alberta is the digital mecca for people interested in Alberta’s tech community and digital economy. By providing info about tech deal flow in Alberta and sharing entrepreneurial success stories, they attract investments in Alberta’s tech future.

Accelerate Fund

Accelerate Fund funds directly into tech companies (alongside angel investors!) and helps startups grow.

Retail & eCommerce Companies

B2C companies often face fierce competition in crowded marketplaces. Even when they have excellent products, it can be hard to make the world pay attention! Fortunately, the right sales and marketing skills make it easier for these companies to shine.

The Chocolate Lab

The Chocolate Lab is one of the most innovative businesses in the chocolate industry, not to mention global award winners! This company creates out-of-the-box flavours using the finest and freshest ingredients to create a lasting impression on their consumers. Did we mention their products are also delicious? They came to us on a mission to amplify their growth – and they are killing it!

Hardware & Deep Tech Companies

Sometimes, the work a business does is super cool, but super hard to explain to people outside the industry. Sales and marketing training is vital for companies doing this awesome but highly-specialized work—it teaches them how to show the world why what they’re doing matters.


Wyvern, a Canadian space data company, produces high resolution hyperspectral imaging from space and makes it accessible for consumers. Their work provides invaluable insights about sustainability in agriculture, forestry, emissions monitoring, and other areas—comprehensive diagnostics about the Earth’s changing climate for clients in a ton of different industries.

Using Growth Marketing and Lean Sales Tools to Unlock the Potential of Your Business

Learning key growth marketing and sales skills helps any company find the customers they need to focus on, make a plan to reach them, and successfully convert their interest into repeat business. While many Alberta tech startups already know how essential this kind of training is, the huge range of businesses that have benefitted from working with us proves these tools have value for entrepreneurs of many kinds.

No matter what your business does, 321’s Growth Marketing and Lean Sales courses can help you do it better.

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