If you’re wondering “Which 321 course should I take?” then you’re in good company. Another way of phrasing this question is “Which 321 course should I take first?”  We get asked this frequently. So, let’s get into it – and get you to an answer that’s best for your organization!

Our 321 alumni companies and participants tell us that what’s helpful is focusing on the “pants on fire” pain to guide you to decide whether Sales, Marketing or People (or a path that involves multiple 321 courses) is right for you.

So, let’s tackle these challenging questions…

First, ask yourself:

  • How confident am I that I can meet my client/customer acquisition targets for this year?
  • Am I comfortable that I can tell my CEO/Board that the company will meet the revenue goals for the next quarter? Year?
  • Do I have a replicable sales process that’s working to close deals and generate revenue?
  • Are there people beyond the Founder/CEO who are landing clients?

If these questions really resonate with you and speak to the challenges that keep you (or your investors) up at night, then Sales is likely where you should focus first. 

And if that’s not so much describing you, then how about these ones:

  • How happy am I with my marketing ROI?
  • Am I concerned that heaps of Marketing activities are underway, yet I’m not seeing the results (read: revenue) that accrue from these initiatives?
  • Am I running marketing campaigns that aren’t leading to the buzz, leads and client acquisition that I need, but I don’t know why they aren’t working?
  • Do I build my marketing campaigns and programs from the fundamentals (market analysis, target customer, key messages, brand) or, truthfully, am I kind of winging it and not so thrilled with the outcomes?

Either/or not both? Alas, real startup marketing is a tad messier for most.  In our marketing adventures, we’ve seen (and experienced) some situations that may seem familiar to you: relatively high marketing spend with uncertain (or lack of) ROI; tons of tactical marketing, like top of funnel campaigns, but no or low conversion rates; marketing that is light on clear revenue outcomes; heaps of marketing activities that are go, go, go but unrelated to a cohesive growth strategy; inexperienced B2B marketing people doing the best they can; and the list goes on…

If any of the above Marketing scenarios seem to resonate with you and your company, you may want to check out our new 321 Marketing courses.

If you are struggling to realize more from your Marketing function and you want to gear up Marketing to drive revenue growth, then we’d say marketing is the right focus for your 321 adventure.

And what if all of the above questions or questions from both bunches hit home for you?  Then chances are, you’ll benefit from taking both Sales and Marketing courses from 321.  And you’d again be in good company: almost 40% of our 220+ 321 participants have taken more than one course from 321.  

So, what’s your ideal path?  Again, prioritize by the pain!

Take Sales first and then Marketing if what would make the biggest impact to you is:

  • Closing the leads that you already have


  • If you’re pre-revenue, and your priority is pitching to investors 

Take Marketing first and then Sales if what would make the biggest impact to you is:

  • Generating higher quality leads
  • Generating more revenue by expanding your existing clients


  • If you’re pre-revenue and your priority is getting ready for your launch

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And, again, because we think you know you, what about the following questions:

  • I can’t find the talent (insert tech talent, like developers, web-ops engineers, data analytics, QA or business talent like sales people, marketers, finance types, client success stars) that I need to grow my business and I’m wondering how to fix this?
  • We’re growing fast and it’s like drinking from a fire hydrant; how do I focus the team to get the right things done at the right time?
  • I hire people but they never work out, and I’m wondering why?
  • We have super people but together the team is less than super: how can we supercharge our team performance?
  • How can I build a culture that helps attract, motivate and retain the narwhal level talent we need?
  • I never thought we’d say this but we need HR: how do I know what people practices we need, what we don’t, when we need them and how to put them into place?

Any of these sounds like the queries that rack your brain at 3 am?  Then People might be the place for you to start.  

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