If you find yourself wondering which 321 course is right for you, think about the problems you’re facing first. Below is a handy guide to help you narrow down on your most troubling go to market pain points, and which 321 course can help you alleviate those problems, faster.

Lean Sales

In 321’s Lean Sales, you’ll learn everything you need to know about sales – from prospecting through closing – all while applying what you learn to your business in real-time. While we believe sales to be a foundational skill that everyone should have in their go-to-market toolkit, there are a few commonalities among those who’ve attended and gotten the most from our Lean Sales course. If any of these points accurately describe your situation, our sales course is a great place to start:

  • You’re selling B2B, or you have a two-sided platform
  • Your main source of customer acquisition is via sales
  • You have sales or revenue targets that you’re not sure you’re going to be able to meet
  • You haven’t clearly defined your sales process, or it isn’t repeatable at scale
  • You’re pre-revenue and you’re focused on pitching to investors
  • You’ve acquired some leads, but you’re having a hard time converting them

Growth Marketing

In 321’s Growth Marketing masterclass, you’ll learn how to build – or level up – your marketing engine to accelerate your growth. Marketing is challenging and abstract, so it can be difficult to tell exactly what is the cause of your disappointment when it comes to your ROI on marketing spend.

Here are a few common pain points that keep popping up in our Growth Marketing cohorts. If any of these resonate with you, you’d be a great fit for Growth Marketing:

  • You’re concerned that your current marketing practice isn’t producing the type of leads you’d expected
  • The campaigns you’re running aren’t creating as much traction as you’d hoped
  • Your marketing campaigns aren’t done thoughtfully, or strategically, leading to some wishy-washy outcomes
  • The top of your funnel is bare and you aren’t sure why
  • You know you need help rounding out your marketing team, but aren’t sure what type of marketer you need for your specific marketing problems

Growth Marketing is made to appeal to veteran marketers and newbies alike. You’ll learn strategy that drives results, all while applying your shiny, new skills to your business in real time!

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*This is an updated blog. The original was posted November 2019