It’s a question we get asked a lot!  

We’ve spent the last few decades in the entrepreneurial trenches. Now, we’re sharing what we’ve learned, to help more founders and teams develop the key skills needed to grow their companies, faster.  

Here are some answers to common questions… 

“Does it matter which sector or industry I’m in? “ 

The short answer: No! 

We work with a broad range of companies, but our specialty is working with tech startups across sectors. Fintech, health tech, cleantech, energy tech, all-the-techs!  Both software and hardware.  

And though tech startups are our bread and butter, we’ve also helped services companies, social enterprises and non-profits get their grow on. 

We know there is no cookie-cutter approach to growth. Instead, we focus on helping you put together a scalable growth strategy that works for your company, in your industry. 

“What stage should we be at? ” 

Our courses have helped heaps of startups, scale-ups and social enterprises – at all stages – level up their growth including: 

  • Early-stage companies that want to get things right – from the outset – or that are having trouble getting initial traction 
  • Growing companies that need to address their strategy or want to accelerate  
  • Scaling companies that want to revisit what they’re doing and want to optimize 
  • Companies at any stage looking for a fresh perspective – perhaps to guide them through a pivot

“Who is the right person to participate in 321?” 

In order to get the most out of a 321 course, you have to be able to work ON your business, not just IN it. In our travels, we’ve found that the people who gain the most value from a 321 course are: 

  • Startup founders and co-founders (business or technical) 
  • Senior leaders of the team (in sales, marketing, customer success – even product!) 
  • Other team members (again, in sales, marketing, customer success and product) take our courses – often alongside some of the more senior folks on their teams (since we dive into strategy, not just tactics). 

“Okay, I’m interested. But I’m not sure where to get started…” 

That’s great news! Sometimes it can be tough to decide whether to start working on improving your sales first, or marketing.  

Check out our blog called “Which 321 course is right for me?”  to help you decide.  

But if you already know the answer, and you’re ready to sign up now, check out our upcoming courses of Lean Sales and Growth Marketing

Still not sure if 321 is right for you? 

Let’s connect. You can reach us here.

*This is an updated blog. The original was posted in November 2019