It’s a question we get asked a lot: Who is 321 for? We get it, before you register, of course you need to make sure that 321’s programs are for you.

So, who exactly is 321 best suited for?

Startups, Scale-ups and Social Enterprises in Any Sector.

Is your organization best-described as a startup, scale-up, social enterprise or non-profit? Then we’re for you.

321 is best suited for:

  • Startups (early stage companies that are either pre-revenue or just realizing their first few clients/customers),
  • Scaleups (growth companies in the rocket-revenue-growth stage where they are seeing traction and want to ramp this up); and,
  • Social enterprises (companies with both a social mission and a business purpose, as well as non-profit organizations looking to grow).

We have a track record of 145 alumni companies from across each of these categories that have realized results from 321 programs.

Does it matter which sector or industry space you are in? Or your business model type? 

Short answer: no! We can help (and have helped!) companies in a variety of industries and that have a variety of business models.

In our 321 travels, we’ve worked with a wide range companies. From enterprise to SMB? Check. Two-sided platforms (with both B2B and B2C)? Sure. Software, and hardware? Roger that. Social enterprises and non-profit? Yes. Product and service companies? Right again.

So, we’re confident that what you learn with 321 will help you grow in your market. We aren’t taking a cookie-cutter approach and imposing that on you. Instead, our approach is to help you build a scale-able engine for growth for your company, that works for your industry.

And what about stage? At what stage of my company/growth should I get involved with 321?

Some 321 participants are struggling to grow – they’re experiencing some bumps in their growth journey and need help navigating through them.

Others are doing well, but need to accelerate. And what they’ve done in the past just won’t work at scale, so they need a fresh approach to scaling their growth.

And some are new to the startup world, new to their company, or new to growth. But they know that understanding the sales, marketing and people functions will make them a better founder, avoid common mistakes, and help them execute more quickly.

What about role? Who is the right person to participate in 321?

321 is designed for:

  • Solo- and co-founders (business or technical)
  • Senior leaders of the team responsible for Sales, Marketing or People
  • Other team members that play a key role in planning and implementing Sales, Marketing or People for your organization

We encourage participants in any 321 program to be sure that they can get the most from this program. That includes being ready, willing and able – in short, committing the time and energy to working ON the business, not just IN the business, to make growth a priority. It also means that participants have the support of the leadership time, so that they can rapidly implement what they learn and achieve faster, better outcomes.

Okay, I’m interested. Now where do I start? Check out our blog post “Which 321 Course is Right for Me?” – it’s a great place to start!

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